Monday, August 3, 2009

relaunch. :)

hi there dear shoppers. :)
i'm val from Midnight Carnivale & Pastel Stripes.
recently, a girl, which has no life, has hacked into my accounts, even my personal accounts and deleted everything.
hence, i have to start from scratch again.
however, i am trying my best at the moment to get all mails sorted out.
i will now combine Midnight Carnivale & Pastel Stripes together from now on, all under Corset Lace.
i hope all you dearies will be patient while i'm getting everything sorted out.
all my hard work for months have been deleted by just a click of some hater. :/
here is the link to the full story on what happened.
but, one thing i learnt about life : it goes on.
i will investigate more on this matter.
but, till then, we can still continue shopping as usual via Corset Lace. :)
happy shopping loves.
thanks for your kind understanding and support.
Val from Corset Lace.